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CubeField 2 is an online addictive game, it has many levels within the process with different graphics mode. It has been played more than millions of users and is still counting. It's good for developing concentration and patience. So keep playing this game at least once in a day. Rather dodging with others, it is better to dodge this block without hitting!!!

Hope this helps you out in long run for improving skills.

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Players in the game can feel great passion, youth, hearted friendship and complete dream whatever it is to being the world’s greatest sailor or to obtain legendary task. You carry the common dream to conquer challenging attacks with the cube dodge a great way to be unblocked and you may not successful from first, 2nd or 3rd attempt.


Immerse yourself in a world filled with magic and fantastic full screen mode. In this magical browser game, a great eye contact with concentration is required. Grab your arrow keys and transform the ability into a sail cautiously without hitting them in invisible sky.

Set out an unusual adventure in the free online game cube field. You discover a beautiful world, hidden in the dense dark sky. This area is inhabited by mystical creatures, so you will encounter the delightful elves including unknown fairies, elves and many other creatures.

Dark Sky Cubes

But in the realm of fantasy is not all so peaceful and harmonious as it seems, because the world is on the decline weebly and hacked. Now we have to resort to the fantastic creatures under the arms and the area again to turn it into a wonderful Cube Paradise.

Therefore you plan according to the level of game as it has many levels with different scenario. You fall back on even small tools, for various elixirs to facilitate the work in the blue and dark sky.

Get ready to dodge, in this free game for the browser on a great adventure full of magic and wonder. You will find yourself in a beautiful world of fantasy, sail through them and gradually unlock many other unblocked levels from your home or school.

To succeed in this, you need a proper control over arrows and concentration of mind, of course. In addition to the standard equipment, you can upgrade your level by completing one by one task.

Pink Cubes Invaders

Furthermore, challenges are perfect which raise my ambition, but they are also annoying me. Because the higher levels you reach, then the more challenging attacks you meet. Sometimes I can’t find way to break through and finish task. However, it can’t beat me down and let me give up, although I am defeated by dodger for several times and makes me lose a little courage. Thus, I find several ways which can attack successfully.

When you have high game levels, your opponents are stronger and the number of cubes is more than before and faster too, so dueling becomes tough. Nevertheless, you can reach out and train yourself. These methods are really useful. Overcoming challenges make one feel success.